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High Low Dress

Happy Monday!

Bill and I celebrated Mother’s Day on Saturday because Sunday he worked all day and all night.

We decided to have lunch on the sidewalk patio at Swiss Hotel on the square in Sonoma.

I wore a high low dress I found at my local consignment shop several months ago.

Kate Spade leopard print bag, Nine West wedge sandals.

It’s made by Laundry by Shelli Segal and it had the tags still on. I used the money from the sale of my clothes to buy the dress, which was $68.00 (I believe it retailed for close to $200).

Have you tried the high low dress or skirt look? I like the dress but I doubt I will be making any more high low purchases. One high low item is enough for me.

After lunch, we walked all around the square. It was very crowded because the Amgen Tour of California was getting ready to begin Sunday and they were having events for the bicyclists all over the county.

We did lots of people watching, then went to a leather shop, Large Leather, on the square that I’ve been wanting to visit for ages. I bought a couple of leather bracelets, one cognac and the other a fun bright pink shade, and a dark cognac belt with a silver buckle.

Sunday, Giacomo and I went to breakfast where Tori works, then I stayed home the rest of the day doing chores. Tori arrived home in the afternoon, made me dinner (grilled cheese on low carb bread, salad and homemade low carb chocolate peanut butter cookies), and we hung out in my room watching TV and playing on our laptops. Very low key. A lovely Mother’s Day.

How was your weekend?
Did you celebrate Mother’s Day?

47 thoughts on “High Low Dress

  1. Jodie (aka mummaducka)

    I am not a fan of the high low dress, we call them mullett dresses here, like the haircuts. But I don’t mind your’s probably as it’s not too short in the front and is a fab colour.

    I am loving your new leather bits, they are great!

    Very low key mother’s day here, no presents then a tractor breakdown and a resulting heap of shovelling of cotton seed- to fatten some steers. I let hubby and the 2 little ones do that (appendectamy boy drove the car and trailer-no shovelling yet) while I stayed home and watched the descendents and cooked a fab roast pork dinner and a low carb lemon pudding that was a bit of a disaster! I think I will stick to a crustless lemon cheesecake in future!

  2. Anonymous

    Hello again, your high-low is beautiful. I agree with the previous poster that some are too extreme on the short side therefore making the dress look like a mullet lol. If I found one like yours I’d wear it ! I have an old dress I’ve been saving since 2004 maybe ? It’s one of those cut asymmetric on the hem like the high low but from side to side. It’s a beautiful white fitted dress. Don’t even know if it still fits me after 3 kids but if it does do you think it’s too out of style?
    Thanks again,

  3. Anonymous

    Very graceful and pretty dress, Adrienne. I have one high-low skirt, and I really like it, but I agree, they are a special taste : > Sounds like a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  4. Rebekah Bonde

    I have a pure wool dress like this that is a simple black sheath on top and “mullet”/high-low starting mid-thigh. It is hugely flattering on legs – my calves lose 10 pounds whenever I wear it. The dress has served as my LBD.

    This is a great look on you – but then everything is! The color is really nice, and leather is the perfect accessory.

  5. déjà pseu

    The hi-low hems seem to be very on-trend right now, so I imagine you’ll get a lot of wear from this dress this summer. You look kind of like a Greek Goddess in it. 😉 And if you get tired of the hem, you can always have it altered….

  6. Adrienne Shubin

    @Jodie (aka mummaducka) Too bad about your tractor mishap and the low carb lemon pudding. Low carb desserts are very hard to make taste good.

    You know, I never really noticed that my high low dress is longer than most of them which is interesting, because at my height, I usually run into the opposite problem – dresses too short.

    I really love my leather bracelets, too. I wanted to buy about a dozen of them but had to muster up some restraint and keep it to just two. I have a feeling I will be going back to that shop, though.

    How is your son feeling?
    xoxo, A

  7. Adrienne Shubin

    @Anonymous I am no expert, but I think that side asymmetrical hem is also in style. Sounds like a pretty dress.
    I would never wear the micro-mini high low dresses like you see at Forever 21 and places like that. I like this one because it’s so well made, long enough in the front and it fits so well!
    I was going to bring it on my upcoming trip but it’s so heavy – really, like over a pound. The dress is a heavy material – like a jersey – and then it has a lining to boot! It would have taken up too much room in my suitcase. So I left it at home. Too bad – I would have liked to bring it with me.

    Hope you are well, Camille! Happy Mother’s Day!
    xo, A

  8. Adrienne Shubin

    @Anonymous They are a special taste – the high low look. I have a feeling it won’t be a trend that will stick around long. Just a hunch.

    There aren’t very many high lows that I like – this one was really a great find. And I love the ribbon belt.

  9. Adrienne Shubin

    @déjà pseu Thank you, deja pseu! Do you think this trend is going to be short lived? I have a feeling it won’t be back next spring.

    GREAT idea about hemming the dress once I tire of the high low thing. And you know, it’s just long enough in front to make it a perfect just above the knee summer dress. Thank you for the clever idea!

  10. Adrienne Shubin

    @Kathleen Lisson It was! Laid back and low key. My stepson, who is almost 19 and lives with us (a newish situation for us) gave me the most beautiful sterling silver fleur de lis earring and a great black bangle bracelet. I was very surprised!

    My eldest stepdaughter gave me a dozen roses and Tori made me a cute little ceramic cup. I am so fortunate to have 3 thoughtful step kids.

    I hope you had a great Mother’s Day, too.
    xo, A

  11. Adrienne Shubin

    @Aesthetic Alterations Good question! It took several years for me to acquire the bracelets I am wearing in the photos. I bought a set of 4 sterling silver bangles on eBay ages ago. They have really stayed very nice all these years – and boy, do they get a workout! So banged up. The small cluster of thin silver bracelets are all attached, sort of in a long cylindrical shape. I bought it at a Stella and Dot party a few years ago. They may still make that bracelet. The others I bought from street vendors, eBay, and Forever 21. I am always on the lookout for bracelets and bangles. Necklaces and earrings have taken a back seat for now!

  12. Adrienne Shubin

    @Aesthetic Alterations I can’t believe I forgot to mention my favorite bracelet of them all! The little silver one with the small squares is a Metal Pointus. One of their more dainty pieces and the only MP bracelet I bought on eBay. I was obsessed after buying my first MP cuff in Paris in ’07 and used to comb eBay looking for more. It’s rare to find any on eBay so when this one popped up, I had to grab it.

  13. Adrienne Shubin

    @kathy peck Thank you, Kathy. I wish I could bring the dress along on my trip but it’s too heavy and bulky.
    I am having such fun playing around with bracelets these days…lost interest in earrings and most necklaces which I probably a good thing. Don’t want to over-accessorize!

  14. hostess of the humble bungalow

    I happen to love how you and Tori spent your Mother’s Day hanging out together.
    Your dress looks like fun and I have seen quite a few high low tops on the racks here too I think it’s one trend that I’d not follow. Being short of stature they would not suit me, you however can wear almost anything, your fabulous figure and height allow you to model most any style with elan.

  15. Bella Q

    The highs and the lows of it: I like the hi-lo hem (aka the mullet hem) but I prefer it in a longer length like the way you’re wearing it. I took a dress into to a seamstress friend to have her put a mullet on my skirt, and she cut the front UP TO MY CROTCH! Cuz all the kids wear it like that? Not sure, but I can’t EVER wear it, and wish she’d have cut modestly. Oh well, great hem, but yeah, not on all your dresses.

    Hope you had a happy Mo-day!

  16. Tamera Beardsley

    Adrienne…you are beautiful as always…I do believe you can carry off any look with panache!

    I celebrated Mother’s Day differently this year…showing my line at a design show in LA…but I did have a good one MD…when my youngest son who is turning 16 next week (my fire explorer), thanked me in earnest for “raising him right”….his words, he said he didn’t always like it…but now realizes I knew what I was doing….I don’t think I’ve had a better Mother’s Day!

  17. Wendy

    You look awesome in this dress. I have a high low as well and have only worn it once. I just didn’t feel very ‘zhoosh’ in it. I too would not buy another but the dress is still in my closet.

  18. Old Married Lady

    I agree with others, the dress looks great on you. I get a retro vibe from this kind of dress–something about it reminds me of disco (Saturday Night Fever) or even earlier, like the character Cha Cha DeGregorio’s dress in “Grease”…but hey, what I know about fashion is pitifully little ~smile~ but I’ll keep coming back to your blog to learn. Blessings~Lina

  19. Miss T

    You always look classy – I never thought I’d see the day ‘mullet’ would look classy – but you’ve done it!
    (I also just emailed Large Leather to enquire about the cuff, rare for me but I am in LOVE. And a bag tassle that I saw on their website…)
    T x

  20. Terri

    the hi/low dress is very attractive on you. And in spite of the trend, I somehow doubt that it is one I’ll try. I love the new pink bracelet.

    I know that being a step-Mom can be challenging on Mother’s Day.

  21. Carrie Teal

    Looks like you had a great day. A high and low dress is something I haven’t worn or bought yet. I tried one on and thought I looked like I was missing fabric, but I still Will give it a try. The dress looks great on you and if it looked that good on me I would defIntely have one . I had a nice mothers day with my family at my brother’s graduation and dinner. Your leather bracelets look great with your other arm candy.

  22. SylviaLovesPink

    The dress looks lovely on you! I like the high low dresses, but I’m too short for them. The low hem drags on the ground! I don’t wear super high heels, so I don’t think I will be taking part in this trend.

  23. Anonymous

    Yay! You’re rockin’ the high/low dress! This is the first one I’ve seen that I really like, and would wear. The whole look is darling. And that’s a great color for you! Your Mother’s Day sounded wonderful! My 21 YO daughter surprised me with a fun shopping day. When we got home hubby had the table set and dinner ready! It was glorious! Mother’s Day should be once a week! Trish

  24. Pam @ over50feeling40

    You look fabulous in this…I really like this hemline. I think it is very flattering and flowy. My weekend was busy with graduation of students and getting my son ready to leave for the whole summer. Looks like you had fun!!

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