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Positively Friday

Boy, could I use a Positively Friday post! How about you?

Positively Friday helps me, and hopefully you as well, redirect focus onto the good stuff and away from the bad.

Sometimes I feel compelled to write them and sometimes I don’t. After the Newtown tragedy and few personal strifes this week, I’m compelled.

So here goes! This is what’s been positive about my week:

~ My husband was a little down in the dumps this week and since I know he loves the holidays, I decided to do something special and festive for him.

I prepared a hearty soup, salad and loaf of cranberry nut bread for dessert and set the coffee table in the living room by our holiday tree for us to eat.

I put a log in the fireplace, turned on some holiday tunes and turned off the overhead lights. We didn’t watch any television, and sat up past our bedtime talking. I’d like to think I successfully lightened his holiday blues, even for just an evening.

~ Tori, my stepdaughter, got the part of “Frenchy” in her school’s spring production of Grease! Such a fun role to have. She’s going to look great in a pink wig.

~ A friend was in town for few days. We got together for a cup of coffee and a bit of shopping at a charming and delightful shop in Santa Rosa called Bird’s Nest Antiques. It’s filled with lovely, sparkly and colorful things, both new and gently used. I bought some holiday gifts and a beautiful secondhand brooch for myself.

I love the champagne color and large size.

~ I weighed myself this week. Rather brave of me given the time of year. Before I step on the scale I always guess what the number will be. Considering I have been eating stuff like this, pictured below, instead of my normally low-carb, very low-sugar diet, I guessed a pretty big number, then was pleasantly surprised to see I was 5 pounds less than I guessed!

While I am still 5 pounds more than I like to be, I’m still thrilled. This is an example of why it’s good to always think big!

~ This week I joined 26 Acts of Kindness, or rather 28. So far, I am off to a good start. I completed the first six Wednesday and these next three yesterday:

#7 – Gave the friendly young woman who made my coffee an $8 tip for a $2 coffee.
#8 – Noticed some girls had spilled their coffee and gave them my napkins.
 #9 – Took my neighbor’s garbage cans up to her house in the pouring rain.
What I am realizing is that you don’t need to always plan for acts of kindness. Sometimes they come to you on a whim. You just have to be in the right place, at the right time with the right frame of mind.

~ It’s the start of winter today! I love winter and I’m so glad I can legitimately call this wintertime because autumn feels like it ended ages ago, not this morning. I took some wintery photos around my yard this week that turned out nicely.

Now it’s your turn!

Please share what’s been positive about your week.

Happy Friday to you all!


15 thoughts on “Positively Friday

  1. Mademoiselle Poirot

    Well, the world didn’t actually end today! How’s that for extreme positiveness? 🙂 It was my last day at work for the year and I’ve given a lovely jar of my homemade cranberry sauce and a Christmas card to somebody who I actually know doesn’t like me very much – kill ’em with kindness I say 😉

    I think your idea of a quiet dinner by the Christmas tree is lovely and I’m sure your husband must feel much better now. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas xo

  2. Sylvia

    I was touched by the thoughtfulness of a few patients that are seen in my workplace. They showed their appreciation by bringing gifts that were so unexpected.

    We’re having family and friends over tomorrow for a pre-Christmas gathering and I’m so looking forward to it. Spending time with your loved ones is priceless and tragedies, like the one you mentioned, remind us to be more loving to one another.

    Wishing you many special memories this holiday season!


  3. Patti

    Like Mlle Poirot said, the world did not end! : > It was a gorgeous day here in FL, cool and bright. I’m grateful to have a little side-project at work that provided a few extra dollars for holiday spending. I’m always grateful for my dear husband and touching toes with him every night.
    Thanks for this wonderful feature, and happiest holidays to you, Adrienne.

  4. Sulky Kitten

    Congrats to Tori on getting a brilliant part. I’ve had a hectic week but when I walk in the door and my little dog runs to greet me like I’m some kind of superstar that always makes me smile and I feel so grateful and lucky to have him.You always look super-slim Adrienne, nothing to worry about there!

  5. Lisa

    That’s a lot of positive, Adrienne and I’m glad to read it. Has Tori been bitten by the theater bug? Congrats to her on her part….its the fun part!

    I always enjoy reading your blog…there such a positive energy about it. I read some of the things you’ve been doing…such as the “26 Acts….” ect….and I intend to engage in and post about some of them myself…but I’m so buys, I just never find the time to write about it on my blog. Anyway, I do enjoy your posts……keep it’re pretty spectacular.

  6. Kathy

    Congratulations to Tori – I loved Grease, and it’ll be so much fun to see her in the production. It’s nice to switch up where you eat isn’t it? Changes things.
    I’m not a brooch fan (as you know) but that one is quite spectacular. Looking forward to seeing how you wear it.

  7. hostess of the humble bungalow

    I am a brooch fan and you’ve chosen a stunning one that will pick up the colours of anything that you pair it with. Very festive time of year to wear one too.

    I love those frosty images and personally I feel random acts of kindness are the best way to spread JOY in our days.

    Happy Holidays!

  8. Mary Ann at classic•casual•home

    This was such and uplifting post in so MANY ways. First, to be thankful and positive…I’ve had a terrible cold this week and lost my new iPhone but my husband gave me his old one with a battery pack…and I love it. And our dog died two weeks ago but lately I had great dreams of him running around the yard and playing with the kids….happy memories.

    Secondly, I really am going to be kinder and more patient…I love your act of bringing in the neighbors trash cans. You are so inspirational…and congrats on only 5 lbs…wish I could say that!

  9. Thyme2Be

    Oh See’s is my downfall this time of year! I already finished the box I traditionally get for me when I’m buying boxes of candy for others. Maybe they’ll share upon opening (unlike me!)… the frost covered leaves picture is so beautiful. I finished all my gift and food shopping Friday and am positively looking forward to the next four days at home just nesting. Wishing you peaceful holidays!

  10. Bella Q

    Thank you for reminding me that turning our attention to the positive attracts more goodness in our lives!

    I am thankful for some things this week- some good news for the new year, and for getting an Xmas bonus at work! It came in handy.

    I love the frozen leaves images, A. Great way to see winter- not just white, but still and chill.

    Happy Xmas my dear! xo. Bella Q


    Congrats to Tori! I’m sure she will be awesome.

    Love the photos, especially the leaves. Just gorgeous.

    Three positives this week…first my husband is off work for a month. Then yesterday I delivered my homemade Almond Roca to a few neighbors and one invited me in and we chatted and caught up (gossiped too) for an hour! And lastly, I wrapped my final Christmas present this a.m. (yay!)


  12. Lynne DeVenny

    I love that you are so generously spreading sunshine, and sharing your beautiful photos. Great score on the vintage pin – it is lovely!

    Happy holidays to you and yours – and congrats to Tori in getting such a fun part in the show.

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