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How I Wear My: Black and White

It’s a few days into 2013 and maybe you, like Jill of Everything Just So and me, need a sartorial palate cleansing after a month or more of sparkle and shine! While coming down off the holiday high, it’s so great to get back to the chic basics of Black and White.
Jill recently purchased this beautiful Carolee necklace and wears it with a classic black blazer and ivory top.
Amy wore this black and white striped pencil skirt with black top and tall boots to see the Rockettes in New York City over the holidays. How fun!
Catherine wore this black and white Karen Millen dress on Christmas day with great patterned tights and a feather headband.

Sheree wears black leather shorts, black blazer and white button down in this chic and edgy look.

Pam’s sweater tunic and hat are both from Soft Surroundings. And her necklace is from Kohl’s. She wore this outfit recently to a bridesmaids’ luncheon last weekend for her new daughter-in-law. Congratulations on your son’s recent marriage, Pam!
Jeannie wears a BCBG skirt and jacket along with a fabulous pair of strappy leopard heels.

Bella shows that successful pattern mixing doesn’t have to involve lots of colors.  Her striped black and white top looks just right with her abstract print skirt. Aside from her Target sunnies, Bella’s outfit is entirely thrifted. Remember, always try Secondhand First!

Serene found this flirty black and white dress at a yard sale. Here, she wears it as a top with black leggings and flats. Check out her blog to see another look with the dress.
Suburban Princess wears a classic black and white houndstooth shawl with black slacks and loafers. Classic and timeless!

I chose to go for a conservative Black and White look. I bought this ruffled Ralph Lauren blouse at Goodwill for $4.00. It’s in great condition.

I wore it with a black pencil skirt I bought at Nordstrom last winter.
This Zara coat I bought in San Francisco in 2010 has served me well. The open neckline worked better with the ruffles than my trench did. And I couldn’t do a post about Black and White without including my cherished Guy de Jean brolly.
I’ve been itching to wear these new Ivanka Trump shoes I bought on sale a few weeks ago. I love the gold heels, cheetah print, black capped toes and little bows. It think they add a little interest to my outfit.
For February, the month of Valentine’s Day and love, please join us for “How I Wear My: Date Night Outfit.”Whether it’s a date with your significant other, your girlfriends, your kids, or yourself, we’d love to see what you wear when stepping out!

Please join us next time by sending a photo to me or Jill by February 4, 2013.

From now on, Jill and I will both have this HIWM banner on the sidebars of our blogs with the following month’s theme and deadline for photo submittals so you will all have time to get your photos in. Why didn’t we think of this months ago?


67 thoughts on “How I Wear My: Black and White

  1. Mademoiselle Poirot

    Great outfits and very much my own taste. Classic black and white is a great combination and yes, it’s a bit of a relief after all the glitz of the festive season – not that I actually indulged in it too much…

    Wishing you a very happy New Year! xo

  2. Kathy

    Each and every woman looks absolutely fantastic. A testament to “less is more”. And Adrienne, I love your simple skirt with the blouse, gorgeous and elegant. Love the shoes too, add just the right amount of interest. Great post!

  3. High Heeled Life

    WOW!!! What a fabulous group of ladies … with inspiring out fits for everyone. Black and white are a true classic and I agree a great segue from the glitter and bling of the holidays. Happy New Year ..xo C. (HHL)


    You really can’t go wrong with B&W. Everyone looks wonderful! Your leopard heels are so cute, and it does add a little oomph to your elegant outfit!
    Thanks for including me.:)

    Happy & Healthy New Year!

  5. Suburban Princess

    Everyone looks faboosh!!
    I dunno how I missed this…I wore black and white in December too but didn’t take a photo 🙁

    I have no idea what a date night is but I have lots of cute dresses so I will come up with a pic for next month!

  6. jill815

    Aaaaaahhhhhhh! I think this one is my favorite HIWM! Wait, do I say that every month? Adrienne, you look BEYOND gorgeous in that curled hair, the ruffled blouse, the coat, the shoes, the umbrella. I’m dying! Thank you for hosting and thanks to all the fine foxes that participated this month! XO, Jill

  7. Bella Q

    Adrienne! We all look so damn good! I love Jill’s look- the shrunken blazer, the necklaces and her handbag are fun and classic and chic, so a tumble of good things. Which is how I feel about all the outfits- we all look chic and different- no conformists here in our black/white uniforms. I love your ensemble from head to brolly to toe. The jacket is something I might borrow, never to return, those shoes are sigh makers, and that umbrella is one dry beaute! Thanks for including me in this month’s How I Wear My- series!

  8. Adrienne Shubin

    @KathyAlthough I do love a bit of sparkle and bling from time to time, I agree that less is more. It’s so easy to overwhelm oneself with too much color and too many accessories.
    I am starting to think, with all the loud sparkly and shiny shoes I wear, that I prefer my busy items on my feet rather than near my face.

  9. Adrienne Shubin

    @Suburban Princess I have been so terrible about getting the word out about HIWM. So a badge has been created on my sidebar and on Jill’s that will have the next month’s theme and the deadline for submission…hopefully that will help people better plan should they want to be included.
    Glad we were able to get your photo in this morning! Look forward to seeing your dress next month.

  10. Adrienne Shubin

    @Lisa Darn is right! It’s hard to get the word out when it’s something that happens only once a month. There is a badge now – with the next month’s theme and deadline for submission. Hopefully that will help get the word out!
    Happy New Year, Lisa!
    I bet you have a great “Date Night Outfit” (or dance night outfit?) in your closet to share for February!

  11. Adrienne Shubin

    @jill815 Ha! I say that each and every month, too! Our participants always have such beautiful looks to share. I love the diversity.
    I adore your Carolee necklace and black fitter blazer.
    Here’s to next month’s date night post!
    xoxo, A

  12. Adrienne Shubin

    @Bella Q I agree – we all look unique in our black and white. From blazers to skirts to leather shorts, we covered it all!
    What I love most about HIWM is seeing how the participants express themselves with a given theme. Not only is it fun to see but it’s a way to get some great ideas for our own wardrobe.
    Thank you so much for participating! I hope you’ll join us for “Date Night Outfit” next month.
    xo, A

  13. happyface313

    HAPPY New Year 🙂 to you! This is such a great idea, I love to see what the ladies are doing. I just simply always forget to send my picture. Now I might be able to remember the dates 😉 Have a very HAPPY weekend! 😀

  14. Catherine @ Not Dressed As Lamb

    Adrienne all the ladies look soooo wonderful! Thank you so much for featuring my b&w dress too :))

    As you probably know I’m not a big b&w wearer, but I think all these lovely outfits prove I may have to rethink this… I’m especially a big fan of Sheree of Its’s Not That Deep as she’s my ultimate icon in black! I adore your jacket and the umbrella is so darling! Love!

    Have a marvellous weekend hun 🙂

    Catherine x

  15. Leslie

    Hi Adrienne!

    Such a great group of gorgeous, and very chic! women:)

    Your skirt is the perfect basic. The black and white basics(with a little gray thrown in) is my work attire. Always classic and easy to wear.

    Have a nice weekend!


  16. Adrienne Shubin

    @annie Hi Annie! It’s been way too long…I lost touch with you when you switched blog platforms. So nice to hear from you and I am very glad I found your beautiful blog again.
    Happy New Year and yes, those shoes!! 🙂

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