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One Trend, Two Generations: Denim Shorts

Tori, my 18-year-old stepdaughter, and I discuss fashion on a daily basis. Nearly every morning, she comes into my bedroom while I am having my coffee and asks my opinion on her outfit for school. And I often ask for her opinion on my outfits, as well.

Our styles are quite similar for being so far apart in age and we have many of the same trends in our closets. But there are differences, as you would expect, in how we wear those trends.

We thought it would be worth a blog post or two to show how we interpret these trends from the perspective of her generation, Generation Y, and the perspective of my much cooler generation, Generation X.

We’re starting off this potential series with denim shorts. Tori has been wearing them for years while I just bought my first pair in about a decade a few weeks ago.

The first thing you’ll notice is that Tori’s shorts are, well, short!

Are they even 3″ long? She can get away with it with her long, youthful legs. She wears her denim shorts with a baby pink sweater, that shows off a bit of her midriff, and metallic lace-up booties.

My shorts are at least 7″ in length, longer than what I usually wear. The faded denim seems to call for a longer inseam on me.

Tori’s shorts are bleached out in spots and frayed, making them even more trendy for her age.

And while I like distressing on my denim, too, I go for just a touch. These shorts have the right amount for my taste.

With the flower headband and aviator sunglasses, Tori’s look is playfully hippy and bohemian. It’s an outfit she would wear to school or out with friends.

I chose to dress my shorts up with sparkly pumps and ivory tuxedo jacket from Zara. I added a black belt, slouchy v-neck tee and my COS bag and kept jewelry to a minimum. I would wear this look on a warm, summery night out with my husband.

That’s how two generations wear one trend!
Do you also share a love of fashion with someone from another generation?
How are your fashion interpretations similar and and how are they different?
xo, Adrienne

46 thoughts on “One Trend, Two Generations: Denim Shorts

  1. Stephanie

    I love this post! It’s a bit funny cause although i’m 26, i’ve never worn shorts shorter than what you have on. In fact, i can count the amount of times i’ve worn shorts out on one hand 🙂

    xo Stephanie

    1. Adrienne Shubin

      I went several years without wearing shorts. I thought I was too old for them and worried about my cellulite. For some reason, I got over that and I now wear them often. They are so comfortable when it’s hot out. And I have figured out what style of shorts is most flattering on me.

  2. Jill

    Great pictures, you and Tori look terrific. I really like the idea of this post, you two should do this again. And I loved ‘my much cooler generation, Generation X’ ha ha, I love you for writing that. Cheers to us Gen X-ers! XO, Jill

  3. Nico Saich

    This makes me want to do a fashion post with my little sister! You ladies are seriously so lovely and I find it so inspiring and amazing that you get on so famously with your step daughter! I am envious! I love your look and I am dying to get my hands on a white blazer soon, too classic!


    1. Adrienne Shubin

      Do it! That would be awesome, Nico!
      My stepdaughter is my best girlfriend. We do get along so well. I am really looking forward to her being around more this summer and not having the dreaded hours and hours of homework every night. She graduates this Friday!

  4. kim at northerncalstyle.

    Cute! I love this. It’s a bit like the Ines de la Fressange Parisian Chic guide where she and her daughter interpret trends for each’s age. Have you seen it?

    You always look amazing in shorts and make them look classy. Tori is adorable and perfect for her age. Believe it or not, I see girls with ones almost half the size of Tori’s! She looks perfect!


    1. Adrienne Shubin

      That’s right! I forgot all about Ines and her daughter, Nine, being featured together in her book.
      I see shorts shorter than Tori’s all the time too. I can’t believe the things girls wear at her high school. Oh my!

  5. Kathy

    I love this post – what a great idea. You both look great and it’s fun to see two generations interpretations of a trend and how you’ve both styled it. Please do some more like this, so much fun.

  6. Lady of Style

    Fabulous post, Adrienne.
    While I feel I shouldn’t wear shorts any longer, they are perfect for you and your amazing legs!! I love the “age appropriate” styling which works great for
    both of you.

    My daughter, same age as Tori, and I share a lot of clothes such as blouses, blazers, jackets and of course all our accessories. Except my dresses are too long and classy for her, hers are too short and bodycon for me. But when we go shopping we often by a “shared blouse” or handbag 🙂

    I’d love to see more of your “Two generations style”!

    Lady of Style

    1. Adrienne Shubin

      Tori and I rarely share any clothes for the same reasons you mentioned. Every now and then we will share accessories or a top. Shoes are where we really have lots in common but unfortunately, her feet are too small for my shoes and mine too big for hers!

  7. josep-maria badia

    Shorts are not a part that I like very much, but I think you get a pretty balanced and nice outfit. The combination with dark blouse and white jacket looks good. The beautiful shoes they help the look is gorgeous.

    1. Adrienne Shubin

      Thank you, Josep! I do wear shorts quite a bit when the weather gets hot. I know shorts are not very common in Europe but they are here in California. Even the 100-year-old woman I visit every week wears them!

  8. Sandy

    The shorts look great on both of you. Styled beautifully. I really only wear shorts at the beach these days. Legs are still pretty good but shorts in the city??? Maybe it’s bowing to my age. Definitly shorts climbing mountains and being on the shore.


    1. Adrienne Shubin

      I live in the suburbs in a very casual area. You wouldn’t believe how casual people are around here (jeans and tees to weddings, for example), often to a fault.
      It’s pretty easy to get away with shorts and not feel out of place.
      If I still lived in San Francisco, I doubt I would wear them unless they were very nice material (not denim) and dressy. Probably black, too.

  9. Diane Cayton-Hakey

    I’m sorry… if you mentioned the brand of shorts I didn’t catch it. I love your denim shorts and think they are the answer to shorts as we get into our 30’s 40’s and 50’s. Do you know who makes these? xox

    1. Adrienne Shubin

      Oops! Sorry, Diane. I did forget that part. They are GAP boyfriend shorts and are no longer in stock – I checked – but they do have some denim shorts that look very similar.
      Thanks for asking!

  10. Donna

    What a wonderful post!!! I love how you wear your shorts. I have been looking for ways to wear my shorts now that I am in my 40s. I look forward to your posts. As I live in sunny (most of the time anyway) Florida, I feel shorts are a must.


  11. Sara Louise

    I love this post! I hope you do more like it again. I’m at the tail end of Gen X, like the last year, so I kind of feel like I don’t belong to either. Maybe these posts will help me find a happy medium 🙂

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